Mike Berry photographer age two with my plastic camera (square)

About Photographer Mike Berry

When I was two years old, I almost died from Meningitis, and whilst in hospital, someone gifted me a little plastic camera.
Of course it didn’t take photos, but that little camera stayed on a strap around my neck and came everywhere with me.
And I’ve pretty much taken photos almost daily ever since, covering every genre and style, and I now finally own the highest spec camera kit available in 2017.

I am fortunate to have travelled quite extensively too, including touring through 21 European countries in my campervan with my dog, during which time I took almost 1 million photos, and I’d love to do it all again now that I have better kit, more awareness and evolved photography skills.

I will travel anywhere for almost any excuse to capture those Magic Moments, and I would feel honoured if you would consider me first to capture your photographic experience.

My Portfolio

As I can often take 1,000 photos in an hour, it is very difficult to select only a handful to upload here, so hoping not to bore you, here are a handful of relatively recent images.
Enjoy… I did!